An alert system
for drivers who are experiencing sudden health distress.


LIFEBUTTON is a system that allows the driver to let others know that they are having an unexpected health issue. This system could save their life.

If you suffer from cardiovascular problems, diabetes, or any other disease, or you just care about your own safety and the safety of your loved ones, LIFEBUTTON is a perfect device for you. In case of unexpected health distress, LIFEBUTTON can even save your life.


can save your life as well.

LIFEBUTTON uses the SOS signal. Simply press a button and the headlights, tail lights, and car horn will start producing the international distress signal.

Cars and people passing by will immediately know that the driver needs help.

In case of a serious health problem, the driver might experience impaired coordination or sight. LIFEBUTTON can be the only chance of saving your life or to minimize the long-term consequences by letting others know that your condition is serious.

Buy online

You can order LIFEBUTTON on our website; the installation will take place in your regular car repair shop.

The product is currently in the homologation stage. Sales are expected to start in Q3 in 2018.

and installation centers network

A network of sellers and installation centers is currently being prepared.